Lips Press

Closes her eyes as his lips press

That night, the first kiss to last

His hands caress, her flesh

Memorizing the curves that dip and rise

Absorbing the trembling beat, silently cries

With each kiss planted, a smudge remains

It burns painfully sweet

Yet yearns painfully for more

The taste of her blooms nectar

Stains his lips a honey sheen

His tongue tingles between

Her open, swollen, petals

With every thrust invading her vessel

Hips rise and buck to meet

As toes curl sensually sweet

His mouth, his lips, his tongue greet her feet

Sucking and licking a ticklish treat

The moistness of her core calling again for more

In whispers she implores

She wails to screams as he penetrates her womanly door

To her heart shared from the care it breathes

Swallowing whole the unity of two

The desire to feed a starving fire is freed

Time stands still, gravity fills the thrill

Tangled all night long in ecstasies song

Together peaking in moans that long

To taste the mix of loves drink

Her mouth takes in his stick

As she savours their flavours

And licks her lips inviting

He closes his eyes as her lips press…


Dedicated to Lovers ➰

Beautiful Sadness Splashes All

Sorrow plants, a pond reflects
Dampened earth, soaks the heart
Lilly pads float, to reach the sun
Flowers bloom, to catch her eyes
Ripples wave, to sounds of cries
Stinging tears, that trail and fall
Beautiful sadness, splashes all

Place of peace, in meadows hold
Embraced by winds, that softly kiss
In storied song, of natures bliss
Love is found
Closest to ground
Memories kept, held to recall
Beautiful sadness, splashes all

A forest green, buzzing with life
Bluebirds sing, in trees above
Butterflies float, bouncing along
Dragonflies dip, then dive
Bees do it, in the hive
Storybook tale, long and tall
Beautiful sadness, splashes all

A right of birth, the first breath dubs
Happy-go-lucky, born to be free
Dorian Grey took the Devils deal
Possessed by his reflection seen
Through a mirror, smoke and screen
Truth concealed, drowned in alcohol
Beautiful sadness, splashes all


A Poet Strikes A Pose

Alone in a pool of darkness, feeling a tug, slowly, pulling, under

Helpless cry, no one hears, is there, anybody there?

Begin to feel the water fill, air expelled, bubbles floating still

Fighting to stay above but darkness won’t let go

Taking hold of its desire to own, a dying heart sinking down

Darkness never lies below the line, its truth is to consume

Leads the mind sinking deep as memories fade they weep

Fighting to stay above but darkness won’t let go

Disappointment led the way, a heart turned brittle and grey

Tears washed by rain, into the sea, cleansed of hurt and pain

Baptized for the final time, sins forgiven, no longer afraid to die

Fighting to stay above but darkness won’t let go

Peaceful sunrise fills the skys, below the surface darkness smiles

Streams of light try’s to reach, where a treasure sunk besieged

Lifeless outstretched arms rose, a poet strikes a pose

No more fight left to stay above because darkness finally won


Seasons Come And Go

A time that was when youth wore green
Spun so tight, it glowed with a gleam
Sun and moon took turns dancing
The wind plays the music, enchanting

Sprouting buds, break to breathe
Setting off springs growing need
Drops of rain to quench the earth
Sucked by roots, filling it’s girth

Blooms full, like summer lovers
Gardens burst, a kaleidoscope of colours
Countryside or seaside, melt into bliss
Beyond mountain tops to deep oceans abyss

Rusty under the sun, begins to fade a golden hue
The time has come for a season to end, begins anew
Blowing winds pickup the tempo, jazzy is autumns inferno
Exploding work art, Mother Nature paints a colourful show

Mercury takes a dip, dropping down to the bowl
A chill so chilling, it begins to snow hard then slow
Winter comes, the wind now hums a buzzing sound
Swirling, curling, cold as fuck, blankets the ground

A time that was when youth wore green
It comes again with a smiles sheen
Soft as a puppy, whose warmth cuddles the soul
Seasons come and go, the circle is always whole


Time In A Bottle

If I could spend time, where would I be?
Places dreamed near and far, on land and sea.

If I could spend time, what would I do?
Love the life given, to experience something new.

If I could spend time, who would I invite?
You of course, my dreams delight.

If I could spend time, why would I save?
Time in a bottle, has no use from the grave.


Jesus Won’t You Come

All I ever do is look out for you
Waiting for your light, sitting in the dark
Rocking on the floor, staring at the door
Jesus won’t you come and take this son

All I ever do is look out for you
Deep in the forest where brambles flourish
Up on a mountain to reach from the summit
Jesus won’t you come and take this son

All I ever do is look out for you
Drowning in a sea, would you walk by me?
Fish me out from a life of misery and strife
Jesus won’t you come and take this son

All I ever do is look out for you
Step into a church, confess my worth
Pray to our mother, beg our father
Jesus won’t you come and take this son

All I ever do is look out for you
I realized, I was never baptized
Birthed in sin, fed on milk laced with gin
Jesus won’t you come and take this son

All I ever did was look out for you
Here I am, still, keeping it real, I will
Live like there’s no tomorrow or sorrow
Jesus, no need to come, I’m staying with my sun


Shades of Ebony and Ivory

I am white
I am black
I am brown, yellow and red
Why use race to dictate the head

I am straight
I am gay
I am man, woman and child
Why not feel as the heart desires

I am shy
I am meek
I am scared, fearful and sad
Why would inflicting more suffering be had

You are me
I am you
We are one, then two turns three
Beings of two genders split from the same tree

We are fathers
We are mothers
We are creators in birth and death
Imagine a life, any, abused or killed in jest

We are decent
We are mean
We are followers of good and evil
Choices are made by how much we love God or the Devil

We are flesh
We are bone
We are shades of ebony and Ivory
Can’t we all live happy and in harmony?