All the wants and desires never had
Written and played in songs to have
To hold those dreams that sting so bad

Travel beyond, the mind to inspire
Release the past, then let unwind
Dreams like stars streak by on fire

Names and legacy’s etched in stone
Monuments put to honour the bold
Died for freedom, our dreams atone

Feeling, just the feeling of wanting in lust
To fuck without limits but shed no blood
In dreams that end, with a nut to bust

Falling in love with the one, the one
Made up in dreams as a hit and run
Stunned with an ending left undone

Sunshine smiles on a cloudless day
Seven days a week, including Monday
It never rains when happy dreams play

Crying inside from a world filled violence
Trapped in dreams of a insane asylum
Left with scars, a melancholy silence


Ease A Puzzles Pain

A time it was not long ago, a visitor came as pleased
It began as a tease you see, he made me believe
I fell into his trance and just like that, gave a jolt
Propelled towards riches of grandeur in hope
Rising, rising, ever so slowly rising, the horizon
Appears a stare so far into the future, an illusion
Flickering bolts of lightning behind a blanket of clouds
Illuminates a glow that turns everything upsidedown
Reflecting like a mirror to show the truth of ones soul
I see mine, staring into my eyes in judgment behold
Hello darkness my old friend, you’ve returned once again
Perhaps to place the final piece and ease a puzzles pain


The End

Yesteryear moments of joy in play
Colorful children around the world pray
Brothers, Sisters, of every shade
Strangers meeting strangers
Bonds in friendship neighbors
Some become soulmate lovers
Rolling with the wave of the sea
Climbing up top mountains to see
The beauty that surrounds you and me
Free speech, the right of everybody
To live in peace, love and harmony
Not to spew volcanic misery
The genesis of life now is to survive
Living in a world trying to stay alive
Once upon a time it was to multiply


Join Together

Join together hand in hand
Clasp and hold, unite the land
We are a race, the only one
Colour of flesh? Let’s be done

With this nonsense I say, I pray
Nay, I beg of thee young and free
Take the reins to make a place
Replace the old with something new
You, hold the key to your destiny

Swirl the air and stir the earth
Hurricane blows a passionate breath
Turns a tornado into a march for life
Uproot, remove the old not wise enough


I’m Burning For You

“I’m burnin’ I’m burnin’ I’m burning for you…”

Held by every stroke your brush paints
How it smears colours of feelings and such
Soaked on a canvas that is covered by touch
Shades, lines, come into view
I’m burning for you

Moved by the soul of your voice, it haunts
A kaleidoscope journey, sung deep from the gut
Depression, compassion, delivered with a rush
A song, of love, be true
I’m burning for you

Drawn to thoughts that come from your heart
Words sewn across with commas and dots
Stanzas that change like seasons flush
Poetry happy and blue
I’m burning for you


Her and the Sea

Her and the Sea i

Keep your head down
See nothing but the ground

Take a step towards time
Find what you love and fly

Make haste
Don’t waste

There is a world to see
Mine, misses her the sea



Her and the Sea ii

I adore your crashing sounds
It comes and goes, up and down

The scent you bring as your waves appear
Filling a willing, that she would be here

If the Sea is a wonder because of its depth
She is my muse who has condemned me to death

You see Mr Sea, she like thee, draws me in
I would drown in your abyss, happily for one sin