Lost XX

Six strings plucked
Like drops of rain
Melodic strum
Filling my head
With bongos and drums
Our song
Lost in thought
Violins wail, bringing me down
Sadness swells
This song lustfully flows
Reminds me of her face
The soft curves of her hips
At the small of her back
In a proper hold
Step over step
A dance of fools
In a lovers embrace
Seductive rumba
Across hardwood glide
A sensuous ride
That will never fade
As time passes by
Lips barely press
Forget me not
The final kiss
The angels now play
The song
That make you sway
Upon the clouds
In another’s arms
Guiding your frame
To his lips
For your kiss
Here I sit
Waiting, for my ride
Here I sit
Waiting, alone
Here I sit
Waiting, to be with you
In eternal bliss
Forget me not
Our song
May never play