Armor and Skin

From one of my favorite writers, pretty much right up at the top.
SG’s words move me as does she.

Please read and visit SouldierGirl I’m sure you’ll press like many times and say hello, she’s a wonderful soul.

Souldier Girl


Let us for a single moment

Leash our minutes and frame this image-
That you are as present as my own skin
I am the armor dressed upon you
A genuine protection that does not weigh down or harm you
A consuming presence to stand guard while you heal
Closer than the stars to their flame
More delicate than the swans milky feathers
Quiet as a mothers whisper
Inked into the endless depth of you
To stand in honored recognition
Head bowed in unselfish submission
Guided by a higher instruction
A sword to slain the criminals ravage urging
You will not feel the pierce of pain
I would be as the armor -and you-Would be as my skin

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