touchy feeling love

The Crazy Matador of Spain ~ his cape, his sword, his steely eyes, beware his wielding tongue
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Roses are red violets are blue
want to shout out……fuck you!
Touchy feeling is great but I get tired of reading
poor animals die, animals get abandoned, bullying people, 
hell, lets save the universe-us my Uranus-us, we are humanity
so much in love-ity, what freaking creativity!
Bad things happen, bullying? F me, most people have no idea what is really being
bullied, a lot of respect for those who show their  magic light on it
but come on, day in day out I have to hear from it?
Bores me, I go snores touchy feeling makes me want to go to striptease club Scores
I feel, I have two dogs, they are dying, do I have to be crying? The whole freaking day
then I would be lying.
Touchy feeling too much, I say is a bunch of crap for those that feel their morality of above
Where the hell…

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