life, from a to the z

arise as smoke licks the eyes

burning, the ride getting high now yearning

climbing higher and higher its flying

diving and dipping this mind fuck lifting

earth to moon and beyond to the beginning of birth

from and to, we’ve become

god like creatures through time, clawed

honing skills along the way creating

incredible discoveries as centuries pass, obsessional

joy and sadness living together to build and destroy

kind, that of man and woman both find

love, that which is the catalyst we write of

morning will come as sure as knowing

night will follow, with its own glow of light

our paths were meant to cross like a flower

pollinating, a rebirth to continue populating

quietly and for some loudly

roaring our desire to fly free, soaring

skyward to reach heights always onward

travelling to the stars seen twinkling

under our wanting gaze with hunger

vow we must, to live and never bow

we are kings and queens of land and sea

x your mark in this world and beyond with vex

you only live once so enjoy the view

zest and zeal will come to an end, zoning out with permanent zzzzzzz’s