Black Widow I

every word from her pages glow, they tell a story, they show
his eyes skim across every line, drawing her image, painted divine
verse after verse, the taste of her flames, immerse
engulfing his breath, heated, it expels through his chest
flipping her pages, lost in her plot, turning a fool in front of the sages
laughing and scoffing, at a man being consumed and falling
into a trance, by her potions and chants, of lusts wistful chance
time stands still, except for this story does not end with a loves thrill
it turns into a thriller you see, it gets dark, a sinister mystery
they discovered a bloody trail, it led to him, found colorless pale
photographs of memories, stills for evidence shot by the authorities
soul suckers feasting on prey, one bound, the other dead where they lay
news at eleven, tragedy on the streets of Manhattan
found dead, murdered at the hands of a mad lover, stained bloody red
but first, here’s a story, of a cute little puppy
caught in a pipe, buried in the ground it caused quite the hype
rescued it was, unharmed in the arms of its owner with happy paws
Now this, a deadly kiss, took the life of a man by his mistress
Details when we return from this commercial break; how to prevent sunburn
10 out of 10 dermatologists recommend to stay out of the burning sun again and again
but no one listens, to busy looking pretty than being healthy
top story of the night comes to fruition, I wish it was fiction
sadly this evening, a life lost, a fallen soul taken double crossed
he fell for a love that was make believe, he fell into the black widows weave


This is an introduction to a new series I will start. Black Widow. Not sure where it will go. It’s just a work in progress. Change it up as I go. Play and fuck around ha!

Thanks to you all for your visits. Means a lot. Sorry to those I haven’t visited often enough, am getting back on track and will be engaging more. Smiles and hugs