Black Widow II

birds are all she hears, as light fades to dusk
a walk across the park, from the stop, leading home
alone on a path dimly lit, she saw a spark, light up, on a cigarette
a man said; hello doll, as he blew smoke in the night air
another approached, then another, one more followed in tow
she quickened her pace to exit this park
they surrounded her by paying compliments
there was a fire in the air, it burned a scent of evil
they touched her hair, offered to carry her bags
she declined and asked to be let by
she’ll scream she said, they laughed, for they knew no one would hear
they pulled her into the trees, behind bushes that act as walls
they ripped her clothes, they held her down, the exposed her core
each took a turn, violating her soul
they took her, completely and whole
ravaging animals, their beating hearts infected with rabies
the stench of their tobacco breath invading her smell
the scent mixed with the sweat dripping down
filling her head with a memory that will last a lifetime
alone in the dark, not a soul in the park
even the birds stopped singing their nightly tunes
the pain she endured will forever be her strength
for on this night, vengeance will be hers
the four rapists, who smelled like shit
will wish they never fucked with Black Widow
one by one, she will take from them, every ounce of life

to be continued….

side note
I hope this does not offend anyone who has ever been raped. It’s a horrible act, devastating to the victim. I know. I was.
My heart goes out to all who have been abused in any way or form.
Pray it stops.