Lonely Road

She drives me insane
You can catch me waddling back and forth
Days when I want to kill her
Scream from the top of my lungs
To say five words…
I Hate You, Right Now

Walking out the door all pissed off
Gonna go to the nearest bar and get drunk
Think of all the ways I can get even
Make an ass of myself with an attitude
To say five words…
I Don’t Care, Right Now

Oh yeah, putting back a few shots followed with brews
The atmosphere in this joint is spinning
A lady in black approaches and taps my back
My mind if you could read it
To say five words…
I Want It, Right Now

“Hi, my name is”…all I heard was air
My eyes were drawn by sultry lips
Buy the lady a drink, the little red me said
The white me crossing his arms, I strained
To say five words…
I Need It, Right Now

She laughed and told stories
All I thought about is saying sorry
She touched my thigh
The start of a spell, I can smell her perfume, I stared
To say five words…
I Love Her, Right Now

Ran out the door without paying the bill
I’ll take care of Johnny next time I’m in
Need to make this right before it’s too late
Bust down the door to find a note
To say five words…
I Left You, Right Now