le chat noir iii/v


“Danse et danse
La nuit se fait longue
Tu ne me fais pas rire
Mais reste même si tu souffles les soupirs
Tu parles de trop prиs
Je cherche la paix
Et ce bar de velours me crie que je te hais

Tu this que “I’m your only one”
C’est ça, prends-moi pour une cone”

It all comes to an end
It’s slow sensuous ride
That fills hearts desire
Dance and dance
Twirl around and feel
The wind blowing against your face
Holding hands, stretching out as if to fly
Roller coaster dips and dives
Let that heart fucking beat
Ride it out to burn up the streets
It all comes to an end
Life will surely fucking die
Listen to the music
Feel the poem from everything you see
Taste and Touch
Cumming, there’s never too much
It all comes to an end


Opening lyrics Danse et Danse by Coeur de Pirate