Little Gold Star

The dreaded moment of receiving a graded paper
A quiz, a test, call it what you will
The answers given from nights studying
Reflection of worth as taught by teachers
Multiple choices, fill in the blanks
Adding and subtracting with extra marks for accurate spelling
A short story of what you did last summer, you only have 1 hour
Rattling brains, sweating nerves a little penis that tingles from added excitement
“You May Begin” a starters shooters pistol startles
Your name and date…right at the top
Ticking off boxes faster than reading, not
Wondering, second guessing
An empty space filled with the missing word
Usually something to do with geography of the world
History questions that fuck up the brain
How could a society hate, as much as it can love
And not figure it out, love is the way of the future
Carry the decimal over two spaces, I think!
Math, math is for geniuses, fuck them.
Hand in the paper when time is up
Head out for lunch to wait out the punch
Mrs C eats hers, while circling and crossing and checking
Marking papers, A to F, always with a red pen
Reserving a Little Gold Star for the ones getting A +pluses
C -minus, “you can do better” is what I usually get
But this time around I studied hard
I’m sure it’s at least a B, B -minus at the very least
Back in my seat, tapping my chucks in a nervous beat
As my graded paper is placed upside down
I can hear moans of Oh No
To CindyLoos giggles and girly glow
Mrs C tapped me on my back as she passed by
I’ve never felt that kindness of touch before
My breath fluttered the paper
Willing it to turn over
I swooped it up gliding it along the desk
As it swooshed in the air floating back down
Written in her style…
“You Can Do Better…and you did”
Excellent – Perfect, A +plus
And next to that
a Little Gold Star
The only one I ever received


(funny how a little gold star can make one smile)