A favorite piece found in the archives May 5 2014 of PoeticDarkness. An amazing writer and poet. I’m sure you will enjoy. Please visit her blog and don’t be afraid to visit the past…it will be worth it. Cheers


Christ stands erect, exotic, uninhibited, a voyeur into your

Unleash me under the setting sun, as it undresses
slowly in expressions of lust….

Shades cross my face as my teeth
rake lips, as I watch you, watch me….

Your hands balled into fists by your side,
and you shake, your eyes never wavering,
complete control, but yet something flutters
amongst your lids, breaking….

Inch by inch you snap, veins loosening,
muscles contorting, primal…..

My body in misty dew, sprinkling in

Eyes dare to slump, watching
fingertips as they cry….

Eyes float to heaven, reaching
songs that sail from my mouth,
quiver, tongue sweeps out, instantly
you reach, bodies now solitary….

Hand in hair pulls, tresses trying
to escape, yet you lovingly let
them lick your flesh, rapture you
into passages….

Mouth walks down my neck, raining
on the parched…

Ivories bloom, sinking into
flushes, creating masterpieces….

Scream rushes…

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