Black Widow III

A halfway house at the end of town
He sits and waits for another night to come
Knowing, his turn will soon be up
Cigarette after cigarette creating a smokey haze
Dry as the desert, no booze allowed in this place
The moons light beam cuts the air, like a knife
It chills his back bone in fright
His hands buried into his crotch
A little boy sitting, shivering, shitting in his pants
That nights event rotates in his head
How it happened
Raping that woman in the park
He didn’t do it, he just watched
But, he didn’t do anything to stop it
To drunk on scotch
A whisper came floating from the window
“The penalty is still the same…”
A woman’s voice stirred his senses
She enters the room with a seductive boom
Her beauty is stunning
A living art form
Her presence consumes
As he falls to his knees asking, forgiveness
The Black Widow smiles sweetly
As she pierces his heart with her venomous needle
At that moment she thought of The Hound, staring at Arya Stark of Winterfell
She walks away still listening as revenge takes a life


to be continued…