Black Widow IV

Two down…two more to go
She recalls their breath as with every thrust they spat
A sewers plague of disgust
Cigarettes and alcohol, a toothbrush has never met
A more vile and ominous threat
In a bar, dark and dingy they sat drinking
News of another death, he was a pussy, they thought
She’ll never get them, their ready for what she’s got
Drink after drink, tequila sunrise without the juice
Priming their courage, oiling their loaded pistols
Her end will come if and when she appears
Across the floor a woman in black struts
Someone they’ve never seen before
Her allure captures them as she entered from the door
Crossing her legs at the bar, an invitation seductively calls
They move in, in hopes to sway their way
Thinking with their dicks, defenses left at bay
Drinks flowing freely
Thoughts of a threesome…really?
Up for the task she stands waiting and ready
Up to the flat they share, a pigsty if any
Sandwich her beauty
Groping and feely
She plays the game as her eyes turn deadly
Black as coal, cold as ice
The Black Widow reads their rights…
Holding their guns double fisted
Ordering one to mount the other
Fuck His Ass
She points with a Luger
Holding the gun to ones head
As he enters his brother
Tears flowing from their eyes with every stroke that penetrates
She demands more, more, fuck him more
Blood dripping onto sheets
Flesh ripping, adrenaline beats
She eyes them both with hatred and lust
As she fires both pistols at once


to be continued…