Black Widow V the finale

This story started with a sweet woman
On her way home from work
Struggling to get by
Working hard for what she’s got
Her strength, she thought she had not
Until one night her world turned black
Four lives taken for one life shattered
Her revenge, the finale
She now stands before God and Satan
Demanding an apology
With a statement…

You two have been fighting over us since the beginning of time
Enough is enough
You, God
Preaching love, this and that
Give and give and give some more
But take when offered with humility
Believe in YOU!
Without ever seeing, if you’re TRUE!
You gave us life
Yet you take in a most mysterious way
Plagues, droughts, rain for forty days and nights
You created the life of an Adam and Eve
You made them in your image…IMPERFECT!
Satan, my new found friend
I stayed away from you all my life
I believed in Him over you
But things change
All because of you, you horny devil
You tempt with the idea of your desires
To act out the failures of your existence
Unable to do your wicked work yourself
You infect us the living as you hide in hell
Gods little brother whose jealous
Here’s a thought
Take a gun with one bullet
And play Russian roulette
Winner takes all
Game, set, match