Freedom    ii/ii

A journey to the unknown
All on a whim and a hope
Better than the current state

Lost in all aspects of time
Caught in the trap as the world evolves
Machines and super cars, being on time is lame

So many channels to choose
Repeating, repeating the same news

Take out dinners with two working parents
Kids surfing inside seeing what it’s like outside

Bank loans and credit checks
Bills and more bills, to pay
In the end, not enough to contribute to the 401K

Wouldn’t it be something, to walk away
Plant yourself on a beach, somewhere
And let the waves carry you…

A choice not easy to make
Leaving behind on how you survive

So many depend on you, right?
Can’t disappoint, you’ll be called a shmuck

Do or don’t it’s up to you
But rest assured
You own it

Freedom is the word
Freedom has a choice
Freedom, it’s called A Right


To non USA citizens like me, 401k if you didn’t know is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan in the US.