Unsent Letter

I think of you often
How it used to be
Midnight chats mostly of breaths
As your voice blankets warmth against my chest
Being teased and petted
By your infectious laugh
Stories told of yesterday’s moves
Tales of a world only dreams can tell
I ask the questions so you do all the talking
Like a sponge, me from you, absorbing
I miss the check ins just to say hello
A two minute pause for a virtual hug and smile
Followed with emoji hearts and cute little smilie faces
Those with the little red kisses are the bomb
When it appears my heart goes boom!
I think of you often
Now that we don’t talk
It was meant to be
Two ships passing in the dark
Sharing waves for a little while
Until the distance grows with every mile
Parting is such sweet sorrow
Blessed, I have learned
The agony of regret
But am thankful
For the opportunity met