Lost    LI

I lived a fantasy
That no one would ever feel pain
The ones that scar you for life, to make you feel like
Those that have been hit, smacked and spanked
Those that have been punched, kicked and cut
Those that have been beaten, black and blue
Broken bones
Bloody clothes
Bleeding on the inside

I lived a fantasy
Thinking love was every day
Every fucking day starting on Sunday
Worship our beliefs no matter what His fucking name is
In a way, He’s just God…like us, imperfect
Fucking Imperfect
From His own image created
Breath to breath
Dust to dust

I lived a fantasy
I was a little boy, living in a house with a white picket fence
Right on the corner where every one meets
Music and laughter, dancing in the streets
Neighbors hanging out, one big block party
Mom and Dad doing barbecue
Chester the mut, begging for scraps
Bed time stories and tucked in hugs
Those that ended with I Love You, Sweet Dreams Son

I lived a fantasy