In That Moment (a dedication)

In that moment between here and there,
the air fills with a fragrance that lingers in prayer,
how teardrops never fail to err.

Knowing without a doubt,
compelled to scream and shout,
unable to live without.

In that moment it started it all,
emotional hearts enthrall,
how a mimes teardrops fall.

With stains of joyful tears,
marked by the first of many years,
all for one and one for all something like the musketeers.

In that moment young love will bloom,
it drips in a sweet perfume,
how teardrops consume.

The water colored memories,
sketched with the ink of berries,
a kiss that drips, in bittersweet melodies.


this is dedicated to a good friend. wonderful friend. rosiebiwords Visit Here
celebrating a wedded aniversary. for you rosie, and your love.
matakwa bora

Warning…visitîng rosiebiwords blog is addictive and adults only js 😉