thank, You

Blue sky’s as far as the eyes see
Shades in different hues
Planet earth
Playing with chemistry
A science in the hands of God
The third rock, from the sun
Rotating like the others
Except we have life
The days are the same in time
Day after day
The connectedness of every molecule
Creates an ever changing motion
thank, You
For the winds that we can not see
But we feel it’s breath, shoot from your lips
To touch our skin
thank, You
For the Suns embrace that warms in grace
Leaving the kisses that tan golden brown
Knowing your hugs are real
thank, You
For the clouds that roll by
When you’ve been a little pissed at our behavior
It shows you care, with loving discipline
thank, You
For the sea and its waving beauty
It calls my name every now and then
It’s home, the place of final rest
thank, You
for You