I don’t NEED, nah, nothing at all from YOU

I can see it in your eyes
How they close with a little jiggle
Your eyes tell
When they move side to side under those beautiful lids
I know you love me, but you don’t, not in that way
The way that when you do open those sparklers
They absorb every ounce of me
I see, how you flirt with the boys
I do it too! but with girls
How our glint travels avoiding home
Early meetings because the boss is a jerk
Just to meet, for a morning fuck
Lunch dates away from the office
BBBJ in the car
Having dinner at work to beat the deadline
Thats currently getting undressed by the desk
Getting so late, will crash at a friends close by
So tired, so tired, good night hun
Lets do something tomorrow, ok?
Tomorrow never came
Just more of the same
From both you and I
So lets call it a life and move on
I don’t need, nah, nothing at all from you

Hi.  Time to disappear for a bit.   See Ya soon. 
And thank you for all the likes.  Very much appreciated. 

Off the Grid!