Lost   LII

A happy birthday walking out the door
Never looked back, never did
The final beating happened yesterday
Today, this misery ends and another begins

Walking the same streets day after day
Hood over eyes, staring at the ground
New day, new way
Ventured off the beaten path
One way ticket
On a one way ride

January nights north of the 44th
Bitter cold
A demons breath
From the Devils bone chilling laugh

No where to go
No where to be
No one looking
No one caring

Lonely nights became two followed by three
Quickly multiplied to months at a time
Made a few connections
Stabbed in the back more than cared to say
The stupidity of a young boy
In the mix of seasoned hobos

Half a year rode by
July of ’76
A sixteen year old
Caught in the draft of a plot
The booze flowed freely
The weed burned sweetly
High as a swooping kite
In the back of an alley

No one asked
No one flirted
No one seduced
No one cared

They took, like ravaging wolves
Pouncing on a deer
One holding down the head
One had hold of the arms
The third readied to take a flower
Ripping at the flesh
Crushing down on the spine
Ribs spreading into the ground

The pain shot up into the heart
The ringing in ear muffled by laughter
All that was heard were screams
But no one came

They took their want
They filled their seed
They fucked this boy
They left him to bleed

Lost for years to come
Drifting from town to town
Settled near the sea
Looking for tranquility


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