the temptation

in a story, always two sides
centuries pass
where faith and doubt collides
with angels and demons en mass

a meeting called between men-at-arms
the dark summoned by the light
hades and heaven sounding off alarms
at this impromptu invite

thoughts from all anguished
as heaven cries out
our savior sitting with the one banished
he who is with doubt

the dark is cautious
at this
but curious
with a hiss

the light sits bright
with eyes piercing blue
his intention forthright
i have a deal for you

a deal?
didn’t know we would be bartering
this is surreal
but very arousing

quite simple you see
i have what you desire
its me
living in your hell of fire

that is quite enticing
would snap at it without hesitation
forgive my coiling
i do have a question

the deal is simple
as i said
take me as i am devil
for one request, world-spread

the son of god
the savior of man
to serve me, this is odd
surely there must be a plan

hell is overrun
satan, take the deal
i am the one
at your feet i will kneel

you would be my prize
my trophy
my highs
son of god, i want you badly

you agree to take me
you agree to my request
your word given freely
without protest

yes i agree
your request honored
this day remembered for eternity
name your request it shall be ordered

from this day forward
you shall abandon earth, let it be
for this is my word
if you fail, every soul in hell will be set free

son of god
jesus christ, now twice
you leave me speechless
never would i have imagined another sacrifice


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