River of Love

I carry a pebble in my hand, it reminds me of the river
That winds through our hearts, when it’s calm and peaceful
Meandering lazily along, in a constant flow
Nearly silent but for the breath of wind and how it reminds me also
Of its passionate force, churning and turning
White water frothing, cascades, from mountain peaks
To the valley below picking up speed
As heart beats do with need
The rivers water hugs the banks
Caressing the earth that curves it’s way
As do I, with you, as finger tips gently glide
Stroking your lips to cheeks
Guiding them to curl up into a smile
Mine, mimic the same, before our lips meet
Moist and full
Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle clicking in, it’s meant to be
Arms embrace to hold
How our curves do the same
Cocooned within embrace
Held close
Like a river held in the cuts of land
Always moving
Always changing
But always holding
The flow of emotion
That runs through
In the smoothness of the pebble in my hand
It reminds me of the river of love
That is you


artwork by Emelisa Mudle
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