In Blissful Sleep

Her pussy trickled, with anticipation
Just as his nose, bumped her button, without hesitation
His tongue from her ass, creeps up slowly
Separating her folds, he breathes her in, musty
As his meaty tongue, invades her nasty
Chin prickly wet
Glistening glide
Slippery slope
Up and down
All around
Her eyes closed tight
She feels his might
She holds her screams
The deep of her throat, swells
Barely managing a moan, his art, paints her whole
His tongue, the brush that strokes her inner soul
She squirms, her muscled legs rise
Giving her most
Enticing him to post
The filling she needs
To ride him coast to coast
His shaft hard but soft to the touch
The veins flowing, bulging
As his purple head enters her core
She makes the first of many, purring sounds
Her nails along his back sweep
Scarring his skin deep
He grinds his teeth
His head snaps back
The sensation fuels his piston like action

Harder she screams
don’t stop, don’t stop,
don’t you fucking stop.

She screams a cat like growl
Her every nerve electrified
She slurs
Oh My God
As she cums
Soaking and dripping along his thighs
His turn! he spins her around
From behind, he finishes off with a flurry
As she begs him to spray, he does in a hurry
Both collapsing
Still inside her now spooning
He holds her close their breaths in sync
His body blankets hers, in blissful sleep


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