Youthful grins, a little devilish
Dark or fair, not a care
Bars to hop
Girls to bop
Each a wingman, to his buddy’s story
Filling the holes
Closing the gap
If need be, leaving alone with a pat on the back
At least one got lucky
A call to arms
Triggered by alarms
The dreaded, come bail me out 9:11
The husbands home early…
Arrested for being disorderly…
But mostly
The call to say, hey, wha’cha’doin?
I’m bored, wanna’cum’ova?
Talk and play
Drink and sink
A few balls of any game
The Wingman
Is your best man
The one who holds your heart
When it falls apart
Some do it discreetly
Some do it with flair
He is the one man
Who has seen your tears
Felt your anger
Shared your pain
Stood and watched, the sun set and rise
By your side
He’s called you out
Put you in your place
To show how much he cares
Besides, he doesn’t want an idiot for his Wingman
He helps out and cheers at your successes
Integrity, what the character possesses
Brother to Brother, mirrored to each other