Colour My Wings 

Serenade my heart, so it may rise
To colour my wings, in a humbled guise
That I may soar above, for all to see
Be free
Free of all the hatred cast
For a day, when comes at last
In strength to have, both in length thereof
To love
Love of hope where cherished are the dreams
That paints a sky in fading blends of crimson creams
Shades, where sublimely leads to heavens bliss
To kiss
Kiss my lips that they will bleed
Heartaches yearning need
Cries heard through passing of time
In rhyme
Rhyme that weaves a tapestry
Where tales reflect off oceans waves in story
When sea caps mirror the setting sun
To stun
Stun the mountain peaks to gaze
In a solemn hallowed haze
How peace transcends beyond
A bond
Bond of hope, faith and charity
That ends in health and posterity


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