shoulder to lean on


to hold your heavy heart, to gently caress the pain away, under my glowing light
lean on me to shed your tears, let it soak into my moon-dust skin
feel the freedom if you will
that all the sadness, will one day, disappear

every night you can count on me, from a waxing smile, to a waning wave
I will always be here, even when you think I’m not
believe, not in me but yourself
that all the sadness, will one day, disappear

so much sadness in this world, tears overflowing all my craters, with pools that glow
you can see all the tears, dripping into space, each one heading for a star
and when you see a twinkle
believe, someone’s sadness, just disappeared


10 thoughts on “shoulder to lean on

    1. Now you’re going to far 😳. Thanks SG copy away am glad you like it. Reblog is off, Keeping myself small but appreciate your graciousness and kind heart. πŸ’›

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