Lost    LIII

sea-monster with horns like the devil
a mouth, the size of a crocodile
a tail so long, only a tale would make it so
and when it whips, how fast will it go?
no one knows
for they’re all dead

screaming seagulls flying above
waiting for bits to surface and gulp
from watery graves, screams never heard
under the sea
under the sea
where the sea-monster swims

silver-dragon spewing fiery breath
with wings so sheer, stars at night, shine past
eyes, wide and laser sharp
can spot a mouse twitching about
talons that can pierce armor, on a galant knight
when it does, roasted for dinner just right

on the ground below, scurry and hide
if a shadow appears that blocks out the sun
try if you can and run
up in the sky
up in the sky
where the silver-dragon flys

dire-wolf massive in size with hypnotizing eyes
fangs white as snow and a breath, cold as death
long muscled legs
stamina, is unrelenting in a chase
running, leaping, tearing
at those who stand in the way

its growl in the night comes from all sides and within
when a full moon glows, beware its howl
for if you hear, surely you will die
on the ground
on the ground
where the dire-wolf runs


4 thoughts on “Lost    LIII

    1. exactly, Lost!
      Hi, my Lost series is about my life and the pains/dreams I have from PTSD.
      Really doesn’t mean anything but to me I guess. This particular piece, monsters in my head, from those in the sea, air and land
      Sorry for such a poor explanation.

      Thanks for the visit

      1. No worries my friend. I’ve learned to deal and since writing its actually helped me.
        Thank you for your support and visit. Greatly appreciated, peace and love

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