In A Hunger Stare i/ii

Enters through the door
To air that soothes the face
In a refreshing cool
That shuts out the world
Setting the lock
In a hunger stare

She appears on the stairs
Four inches of heel
That clicks a wink
With peeking toes, as she giggles
Wearing her come fuck me stilettos

Legs, smooth and bare
They shine with the suns hallow
Kissed by the suns summer glow
Little knobblies that create the curves
That leads to her thighs
The lines covered in a silky mini

Her little sway taken with every step
The breeze from her hips
Flips the air, he licks his lips
With a teasing flair
In a hunger stare

Light reflects, as it does to the moon
Showing her breasts that move into view
Waxing, waning to full
Her beautiful bosom buddies
A perfect pair
Of cuddly puppies

Her neck strung long
Begging for kisses and bites
Her lips painted red, a harlot! not quite
Her smile belongs to an angel
But painted on by the devil

Her eyes twinkle right into his
He burns from within
Heat rising along with his craving
The closer she gets
Desire turns from need to want
In a hunger stare

Into his arms, a kiss to seal
The cracks of time, being apart
Two hearts now one
Back up the stairs
From where she came from


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