HE SAYS/SHE SAYS Part 2 ~ An Erotic Duet

She Says:
by Ax

Whoever cums first tumblr_m3j87iAyHi1ql1dvfo1_500
Gets the other off in 5 minutes
Then cooks breakfast…
Waste no time
Slide in like a rhyme
Kissing his lips
Straddling his hips
My breasts, press
Against his chest
My heart beating faster
Than a hummingbirds wings can flutter
Slow the pace down
Exactly, heading down
Licking his balls, stroking his cock
Bobbing my head rocks
Tonguing his sack while throating his head
Gagging turns him on when my face turns red
I want that breakfast so BAD
Here goes nothing with a finger in his ASS
I got a moan, sighed from his lips
Another finger takes a dip
He’s fucking, my mouth
He’s bucking, wild south
I have him now his balls are getting large
I’m showing him who’s in charge
The veins on his cock grow
Blood forcing a blow
Clenching his ass tight
He trembles to fight
A battle losing to a girl
This man, the love of my world…

He Says:
by Rosiebiwords

Fuck, gotta get her off tumblr_ldou5rYQ8m1qf1dmao1_500
knowing her every move
every inch
I got this in the bag
she is a goddess
my fucking queen
kissing her lips
then sucking her nipples
I may have this in hand
propped on top
fits like a glove
I’m loving how she rides
each stroke more intense
than the last
fingers on her clit,
I think I got her going
but she has me
under her spell
off and under
she has my
cock in her mouth
tongue on my sack
oh fuck
is that her finger in
my ass
shit, she has me hot and wanting
her mouth deep
I can’t help but fuck it
long and slow
then fast and hard
her face red
god, I loose it

thank you to the one and only RosieLicious her link at behinning of He Says
check out if youre not familiar. she’ll knock your socks off.

thanks Rosie for letting me be your side-kick 😘
love love love RosieLicious

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