Lost LIV

I felt your goodbye without a word
The silence fell as my world came to an end

I felt your goodbye leave with the wind
Letting the burning sun scorch my living being

I felt your goodbye
I felt your goodbye
I died

Lost in a haze
Drifting above
Looking below
At all that once was

Surrounded by souls
Lost as the Lost Me
Emotionless faces
With smiles that never appear

Passing by without a glance
Eyes fixed on a future like the past

Crowded malls
Empty school halls
Summer heat
Dirty street

Sizzling dogs
Fries in a bag
Parks with benches made of logs
Birds, waiting for a scrap

Humming a song, inside my head
Perfectly in tune, thinking of the day
I felt, your goodbye
I died


poem inspired by Sarah Doughty whose blog can be found at
Sarah Doughty
Sarah has a cool style where she writes a micro poem and challenges her readers to share their own version in reply. I always try to play and I appreciate her for enticing me.
Hugs Sarah

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