Could Love Be Carefree

Could love be carefree,
that first time being young,
how spirits carry high above the trees.

Where moonstruck hearts beam,
in a glow that glitters,
with a sheen.

Infatuated dreams of bliss,
on first time lips,
that have desired that first time kiss.

Could love be carefree,
after passing time,
now the trees from afar,
are what we see from up high.

The love is strong,
it still carries on,
yet the playful side is now long gone.

Making love in the dark,
for shadows can’t even see,
from the lost and fading spark.

Could love be carefree,
where time for two has nearly stopped,
no longer seeing the trees.

Love is but a memory,
that one visits in a dream,
of yesterday’s vows.

Alone with the same company,
as the days drag on,
in silent agony.

Could love be carefree,
where once,
two as one,

Now doing separate things,
getting by,
on smiles.

could love be carefree,
like the wind that blows through trees.


20 thoughts on “Could Love Be Carefree

  1. i love this… and yes, my dear friend, love can be what you want it to be…. sloppy 💋

  2. There is someone I love but I cannot see but I love her. There is nothing stopping us really, it’s just that we have to adapt to situations, because nothing stops us being in touch, even if our circumstances have changed… as long as we’re carefree and don’t chomp each other up or get ridiculous. Act as friends, love as lovers… and be carefree and just ‘hey’, ‘ok’!

  3. Love can be so many things, how freeing to be carefree in love.
    Antony your words, move through the trees and touch down on this heart. Thank you

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