Lost    LV 

I loved you first
When sight of you filled my heart
I watched you move
While others held your hand
Your pretty smile
Embraces the world around
Comfort and trust
No truer one can be found

I loved you first
Without a thought in mind
I wrote you a song
Never will it be heard
Over the calls of others
Taking up your time
Its never enough
Wishing that you were mine

I loved you first
Up close and from afar
You know my name but who am I
The one too scared to stand
Above the others
And sing for all to hear
How much I love you
But failed from fear

I loved you first
Always felt second place
Thought of winning the race
You at the finish line
Surrounded by others cheering
All I had to do is try
I couldn’t get off the blocks
Setting here wasted alone to die

A x

11 thoughts on “Lost    LV 

  1. In my humble opinion, i think you ought to tell her…she needs to know. You may be surprised at her reaction. Wish you the best at love and everything!

  2. It’s not whether love is carefree, maybe it has to be carefree. It’s OK, even if you didn’t it doesn’t stop the care, and it’s ok to care and be carefree- blook!

      1. blook, it’s my idiom when I pretend to be a young spanish lady who is finishing a sentence with a raise of the shoulders and eyebrows and palms outwards, as though saying, “well yes, it’s that simple!” blook! . It’s jsut that I think it suits a Spanish young lady much better to do that because it’s less dominant and perhaps pretentious and smug than if an Englishman says it in English: “Well, so that is how I see it, and really it’s that simple, and great, and I’ve been using that sauce for years (even though I just came across it now hapharzardly and luckily). “Blook!” is so much easier, and you get to be a young Spanish lady for 2 tenths of a second which is great.

      2. Vancouverian citizen? (canuck). Yes, well I’ve done the blook about 10 times in my head now, so I’ve got 2seconds of Iberian Soul ready for landing.

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