Through Pages Soaked In Love ~ a duet  by Kateri & Ax

The smell of paper stained with ink
An aphrodisiac, a poet drinks
Through pages soaked in love
Held in hand, bindings spread
Fingers leaf, turning pages read

Walking through an empty park, under misty rain and pearly skies
An open book and ruffled pages, on a park bench did I spy
Through pages soaked in love
Heedless to the weather, I sat down and chanced to read
Words leaping off the pages spoke of nameless love and need

Eyes fall for the curves of her theme
Plot thickens, to sounds of screams in a dream
Through pages soaked in love
Escape the every day and find the way
To a place inside, let those fingers splay

Touched by a Poet who ached for what had been, what was not
Heart ached as I addressed it and pushed it through the slot
Through pages soaked in love
Those words had kissed my eyes, and slipped into my soul
I’d been captured by the thoughts of a man I didn’t know

Absorbing the fluid flow of evocative words
Trapped in lust, sung between dawn and dusk by birds
Through pages soaked in love
Consumed by the author’s tease
To a character most recognizable with ease

From that mailing began a flow of our correspondence
Writer’s nature, letter followed letter and grew in nuance
Through pages soaked in love
Words spilling from heart to fingers, swept us up in a flood
We were bound by indigo chains and in each other’s blood

To fall in love, to wish upon a star
To drown in lines of waves from afar
Through pages soaked in love
To dip into the abyss of a lost world
To find the secrets that lay unfurled

Exploring each other in each turn of the page
Sweet surrender to growing passion, enslaved
Through pages soaked in love
Hands caressing your fantasies and skin soaked in sweat
To read those incendiary words, “I think it’s time we met”

Page after page, without a break
The ups and downs of joy and ache
Through pages soaked in love
The final page held in trembling fear
As the end draws ever near

Desire brings you to my door under midnight skies
All those words, all that’s right, is written in your eyes
Through pages soaked in love
Our words alchemized with a touch from page to skin
Sealed with our kiss, let a new chapter to begin

Blessed again to collaborate on another poem and a new duet partner…the talented Kateri from The Eclectic Poet Please visit her blog, you’ll love her work.

The format of this piece was to write a poem using the pic assigned with the theme, Book of Love. Both similar pics but different.
I was amazed at how closely we came to write out our individual poems that it synced rather nicely together.
I hope you all think so too and I hope you like the layout.

Karin, thank you so much for joining me, I had a blast, especially that we are both Canadian!, alas, 3000km apart.   This may be your first collaboration but clearly, your poetic heart soars.  

18 thoughts on “Through Pages Soaked In Love ~ a duet  by Kateri & Ax

  1. I had fun too and thank you for making it so easy, smiles. We are very simpatico in our style. Now that I’m over the shyness, I’m ready for more!
    Thanks again Antony, huge hugsss ❤

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