Cradled By The Sea

Drifting out to sea, floating on the tide
Beneath a black cloud, drowning from inside
Final breath expelled, lungs flood filling
Waves of shock invade, the heart beats chilling
The sky above dims, to a deathly starless grey
Visions slowly fades, until life gives way
Cradled by the sea, lost forever more
A rotting corpse, will never lay on shore
Sink below the surface, deep into the abyss
Cold and dark, where light does not exist
Settle on the oceans floor, final resting place
And disappear without a trace


2 thoughts on “Cradled By The Sea

  1. Ah, perchance a lovely mermaid would find you and breathe life back into your spirit, take you back to her undersea kingdom.
    Beautiful, stark imagery. I love the sea in all her guises. You captured her dark side well.

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