Ode To Woman

The result of life lessons
To touch
To feel
To glide across a surface
And dip below to take hold
Imagine the wonders that we are blessed to encounter
The fleshy peels that cover nourishing meaty fruit
The angelic softness of caressing an animals living fur
Water and fire, the earths bliss and even the kiss from the wind
None is greater than to touch woman
From head to toe
From birth to death
The in-betweens filled with peace and madness
Her skin, the colour doesn’t matter
Love is not measured by the weight of flesh
Nor does it care if the hair is light or dark
The smile is a lure, each shaped by happiness
And it knows the value of seduction
Her hips wiggle, they dance and they bounce
Playful little minx it’s all a part of the living
She wants, she needs to be loved and will return in kind
Now this is for the men and I, included
If what we see is what we desire
We must learn to touch
To feel
To glide across a surface
And dip below to move her soul, just so


22 thoughts on “Ode To Woman

    1. Please accept my apologies. My duet comment was made in identity error. Please forgive. The offer was for someone else with a similar blog name so my stoned head says.
      But. I have read your work and it’s very cool and I would love to write a collaboration if you would honour me.

      Hope you have a good night day.
      Again sorry or the error.

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