You fucked up creatures
Dead, undead
No where near the power of Dracula
The first vampire
The original blood sucker
The Count, of all evil creatures
The Prince of Darkness
You stand erect but hanging sloppy
Bruised and tattered, slashed and gashed
Eyes about to leave their sockets
Blood pouring out of all ten cavities
One after the other invading communities
Your strength is in numbers, it’s countless
The touch of the undead on the living, is madness
You are the reflection of human nature
Rising from the dead, wreaking havoc
Who came from all walks of life
Evil Spirits
They don’t give a shit of what you were
That was then, this is now
Time to multiply


6 thoughts on “Zombies

      1. They are! I’m a Walking Dead fan but in a weird way… I love stories about them but the idea of bumping into one scares me shitless!
        Because… Zombie Apocalypse!!

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