The Slave ii/ii ~ An Erotic Duet by WetBliss and Ax

Friday night all tucked in his cage
Candles flickering, shadows billowing
The eve of his twenty-first birthday
Mistress appears in a long flowing gown
Wearing satin, colored the ripest Crimson
Stilettos that arch high, stockings to Her thighs
Ready to squeeze all of his seed
In the first hour of his growing need

Her Slave was prepared for this plight
Taken out of his cage and taught to stop
Pleasuring Her before this sacrificial night
In the silence She unlocked his cock
Rubbed his pulsating seminal fluid
Across Her lips to take in his essence
To drink the last of his pure innocence

Her senses keen, to his trembling breath
She places a kiss, on his lips, smudged
With the sheen from his vine
Where flows the forbidden nectar
Reserved in a cellar until time chimes
Stroking his shaft with long smooth caresses
Her eyes run deep into his with longing
Her own anticipation, grows, wanting

Bent over with both ankles tightly grasped
The wooden paddle, smooth against his saddle
She probed and spread his thighs with the handle
On the first lick his dick went impossibly stiff
His body thrust forward with each stinging hit
Twenty more strokes he was ready to explode
Breaking all resistance, silent tears of pain
Streaked with pleasure of his Mistress reign

Years of training, kept his composure
With every swat, that slapped across his ass
Rosy red from the smacks, throbbing down thighs
Her eyes wide, with a vampires hunger
Licking Her lips, saliva drips, Her tongue flicks
From Her slaves chin, up his face to his temple
Circling his ear, She darts in and whispers
Tonight you cum, as She holds up a paddle, he whimpers

Mistress throws her head back and laughs, not yet
He’s pushed to the ground and sight is deprived
Leashed and collared he’s forced to stay at Her side
Down the hall on fours, an obedient Pet makes Her wet
Led to the bed, placed on his back, exposing his stomach
Tied to four posters he feels the bed dip, up She climbs
Lower a dripping quim on his mouth for a mutual gamahuche
Gorged, blindfold and bonds freed, the Slave must now see

She moved into the dark, invisible to Her slaves sight
A lone light shone on Her Pet as he saluted erect
Her eyes sparkled, Her smile beamed
She commanded him to beat his meat
While Her paddle tapped in a rhythm
Her slave followed with his own system
Long and slow, rubbing his own head
Glistening pre-cum shinning his knob red

An out of body experience, his spirit soared above
Watching in awe as he continued to present and rub
To the steady tempo that controlled his very breaths
Held at the edge of blissful madness, he begins to panic
As tingles race up his spine, he is running out of time
Succumbing to the intensity, left his body ecstatic
Sweat poured as he fought the crisis from happening

he went to town, a young buck ready to ride
he beat, beat, beat it and it grew, grew, grew
he recited the name of his Mistress, over and over
he watched Her, watch him, and it thrilled him
he wanted to shine, sparkle and please Her
he felt it coming, he felt it rise, he felt it soar
he heard his Mistress say…”Stop Right There”

Mistress said it was time and mounted his staff
Under Her spell She rode him hard and fast
Buried in Her folds, waterfalls eroded his control
Her Pet thrust up and died as his soul flowed
Sustaining Her youth that would now be shared
Limp and lifeless she hovered over his mouth agape
Spilling their mingled vitality across his lips
The Slave revived, by his tender Mistresses kiss

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A collaboration with WetBliss

Trying to find the words to express the feeling of writing with Bliss. It’s pretty hard!! (pun intended)
Her link is above. Please visit her. Read her work plus other duets she has helped create. You’ll be surprised by the depth…its not just erotica, there is a soulfulness to her story telling. It drives the moment. It drives a yearning. Say it loud or keep it in…we all crave some or all of the fantasy (or is it reality)

Bliss, thank you for this opportunity. When you invited me to write with you I was shocked (honestly) and when we did, I made sure The Slave’s title included a hook for a part 2 (my greediness for more)
I hope there will be, more, as I would enjoy another collaboration with you.
Off to rest now.

Gatorade should create a sport drink for Erotic Writers and Readers
Call it
“G Force One”
Refueling Thrusters haha

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