6 6 6

Often wondered, did Eden ever exist
A place only dreams today one can hope to see
We have the sea, it’s massive glory
Waves that can topple over shores in a storm
Or a calming escort, taking travelers home
Mountains that only few climb
Their majestic presence, sublime
Forests that hug around lakes
Rivers that bend from here to there
Like veins carrying life blood
The sun that warms the face of the earth
Sparking a fire below the surface
Thirsting for water that comes by rain
Relieving the pain
The moon, calls in a secret voice
That stirs the night to rejoice
It’s mystical powers that towers
Stars that can fill the space from black
To sparkling crystal ice
Creatures appear from the ground
To those that soar in the sky
A cycle that goes round and round
Until the sixth day
When man was found


“In the Bible, the number 6 symbolizes man and human weakness, the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin. Man was created on the sixth day. Men are appointed 6 days to labor”.

the above quote was taken from wikiP…i do not claim to agree with it.
i dont belive in the bible as truth. i believe the bible to be an epic story by writers from centuries ago…my, how times have changed…

on a side note…thank you to all who have dropped in to like, say hi with a comment or two and the reblogs, damn, humbled I am πŸ™

13 thoughts on “6 6 6

  1. Bro….this is my fav post from you by far!! So so deep man. I obviously read it with a different mindset, as I am a spiritual person (not religious). The Bible is a story of fallacy, falling, failure, love and redemption. Rising from the putrid ashes of self-inflicted woe. Has it been manipulated by church and state? YES!! This is why organized religion is wrong. Is the Bible frequently misinterpreted and used for hatred’s agenda? Absolutely! If I were the devil or Lucifer or Satan that would be my angle ALL DAY. Thwart, pervert and manipulate! Man is a cancer on this earth, but we have within us such an immense capacity for love. It is our choice…to be one, or the other. Anyway…this piece tells a mind like mine that there are other forces at play around you. Not being all preachy; but this piece stirred something in me. SO so deep man.

  2. I believe people have their different beliefs & it’s definitely interesting to read others opinions.
    I am a believer. I don’t understand it all..
    I struggle because I’ve had to dodge a bullet, escape becoming quadriplegic,
    Blah blah blah. I stopped asking why
    Bad things happen… if they didn’t happen
    Who would really appreciate true happiness in great levels of depth. Who is going to stand up for kids when they have been beat abandoned & abused? I will. I do because I’ve been there. Now I’m going to far.. just sharing my thoughts! ❀

      1. Thank you. I’m very nervous crossing boundaries! THANK YOU, kindly… Perso~in~Poesia πŸ™‚

  3. My philosophy is if 6 represents the failure of man then it begs to be argued that we were all once part of the process of creation. If man is a failure then why does it stand that there was a flaw in us as part of the creation. One creator suggest fallibility to create perfectly therefore the fault lies on the creator. End of story

    1. Thanks for your comment πŸ™

      It’s just a story. Failure was created by man as a fear by the church of Kings and Queens and Governments. To control. That’s what the bible, koran and any scripture in existence is.

      Touchy subject. Choice to believe is ours

      1. Yes choice to believe indeed is ours. What I said would be considered heresy. It is a myth. Satan is a construct of the catholic church. We can go on and on but the myths go on. Be well.

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