All That The Sun Forbid, The Moon Allowed ~ A Duet

She lay naked in his longing arms
Love filled charms
Equally inspired, flames set afire
Moonlight melting in desire
Limbs tangled in embrace, lips that meet closing in space
Nimble tongues played at lightning pace
Conveyed from thoughts that fell from mouths exploring
Dissolving flesh, dripping sweat, lust pouring
Kisses that leave scars fresh, with moans of a murmuring noise
Their bodies soaked in clammy joys
Fused now with every thrust, breath expelled in ecstasy
As cosmic vibrations leaves them messy
As eyes lock in place
Their bodies shiver and shake with every drop that falls from grace
Glistening under the moons glow their nostrils fill
From the essence of them at will
Spent they lay still entwined
Until the rise of a new days chimes
With the light of morning sun,
Lovers wake,
Come undone,
Their mouths dry, to raw to take breath,
Fixed a moment in duress,
Their indiscretions bleed the bed,
Lying in a pool of disgrace,
Shame fills the space,
The desire of tongues,
The taste of lips converging,
Stroking, gasping billow breath,
Lust swelled, surged in curves of exposed skin,
Indwelling, Euphoria stole the show,
All that the sun forbid, the moon allowed,
The dimness of the night showered their desires,
The daylight creeps in
There left in tarnished sheets,
Scandalous their bodies met.

Jennifer Calvert and Ax

~ ~ ~

Another duet, hell yeah.
This time with the talented Jennifer Calvert from INK AND QUILL. Please visit her blog, a poetess with elegance and flair.

Thank you Jennifer for this collaboration. Your part of the piece not only took us outside the box, it gave us the hook line which became the title. Love how it all came together through your passion to write.
Thank you Thank you

6 thoughts on “All That The Sun Forbid, The Moon Allowed ~ A Duet

  1. This is not my preferred genre of poetry; HOWEVER…this is a certain je ne sais quoi and rhythm that compelled me to keep reading. The title caught my attention, but I truly got a tingling sensation when I read the line in context. Very well written, tasteful and “elegant”. Amazing job you two!

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