I Believe…In Nothing…There Is Something

I believe in loneliness
The way it’s peaceful sound blankets
The desire not to be is great. True!
But the times being alone helps make things right
The chance to rest and free the mind
In small little ways like writing a poem

I Believe…In Nothing
Does not mean, worthless
It’s the right to shut out
To choose, in or out
Just to sit, doing what?
Absolutely fucking nothing

I Believe…In Nothing…There is Something
Creating a thought that would change a life
By letting someone, anyone, in
Sitting in a room all alone on a Saturday night
With the entire world at my finger tips
mmmm, thoughts are now turning naughty


19 thoughts on “I Believe…In Nothing…There Is Something

    1. I have…
      Although I always thought this was John telling everyone to leave him alone about the yesterday’s.
      I think it was his I hate the Beatles stage lol

      But comparing this write to Lennon…holy crap Matthew…πŸ™
      What a humbling moment. Thank you

      1. Its just what popped into my head…and you’re right, it was John telling everyone to leave him alone…but his list of “don’t believe in”‘s was interesting.

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