Lost LVI

Every night I sit and wait staring at the sky
It’s absence driving insane makes me cry
No amount will ever do
Not until it’s full and new
It calls to me a friend in need
To hear my voice call out with greed
The only light I see
Who will listen to me
Without a sound returned
It’s pearly ear, earned
Curled on the floor
Embracing the pain from tears pour
As a glimmer, glints my vision
A beam of light passes a prism
Colours to bright to see
Their brilliance absorbs me
Relieving the weight of sadness
That floats in my darkness
Lungs fill new with air
To breathe again without despair
Relief, when eyes take in
The moons, glowing grin
As clouds break away
That moment of grace to pray
In thanks for the company
That numbs the agony


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