Her Lips

The curves that catch his eyes
succulent, moist and pouty
a quick flick of pink tongue
coats a shine on lips so sultry

They part, their shape does entice
with a searing bite that serves to invite
a wicked, teasing game she plays
a sensual calling without respite

They’re fixed, on gaze, her prey
when breath, expelled so deep
lips, ruby red, pursed to crown
coiled, set to pounce and feed

Those lips, her lips, know tricks
they mark, smudge and smear
leaving patent traces of red thick
claiming her territory, front to rear

In and out, lapping at the bit
smooth strokes to coax a rise
deep, deeper, deepest still
forces, gag with aquatic eyes

Every gram drained and siphoned clean
overloaded charge, a light that blinds
she sucks, with lips encased around
not a single drop spilt or left behind


special thanks to a dear friend MB πŸ™β€οΈ for inspiration and guidance

14 thoughts on “Her Lips

  1. MB is happy to provide guidance to those that obey every command, lol. 😊 it turned out beautifully, and I like the pic too.

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