its a word that rolls off the tongue
the M is a Mixture of lifes fucking Mess
we step in it oh yes we do and it smells of poo
the smell? we know when its coming off the fucking fan
it blows our hair like it just dont care
it lingers no matter how much we run faster
the E, its Everybody, so dont think you’re so special
we have them good and bad those days that pass
take them or leave them, the stench is always there
R, well, it means Relax take a pill whether its weed or gin
ride out the storm as best we can and if you can, hold someones hand
Dudes and Dolls, life is sometimes Merde
but in hope for a day when lillacs and lavender invade
swelling the brain to breathe free
from all those troubles, whatever they be
so we can appreciate the days when its beautifully serene
forgetting that smell, i’ll not even say it
on a day like today its all good
and its that time of week, wowee!
you know, tgif
E, fin, finito…the End