I can hear the wind carried across the sea
as a howl rising up to greet the moon lights glow

I can see the waves crash against the jagged shores
how it breaks apart into beads of a nothingness

I can feel the mist as it sprays into the air with a scream
where the past that haunts the future floats in waste

I can taste the salt burn my lips dry as desert sand
with cracks that bleeds in hurtful tears

I can smell the pain in a heart that aches in sadness
drowning into the abyss of darkness and despair


8 thoughts on “Lost LVII

  1. I’ve sat on the shore of the opposite ocean and felt similar things…. it’s amazing how just reading puts me right back into that headspace… and makes me homesick for the Atlantic

  2. Beautiful. Why is it that sadness and pain can be expressed so gorgeously? Is it a form of coping, therapy, healing to be able to birth beauty out of darkness and despair?
    Sorry, I’m thinking out aloud. Loved this Anthony xx

  3. Sidenote- I never unfollowed you- stupid wp app, when I clicked on your name it fkd up the follow button- two thumbs down for that shit and two thumbs up for you.

  4. I don’t like it if you are sad- but I like- the way I feel like I am right there with you in how you write. Natural gift, natural soul

    1. πŸ’›πŸ™ hugs SG, I adore your friendship, thank you for your heart whispers, you’re way more talented than I am and nope, you can’t say no and yup you are, so there πŸ˜›

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