This Human-Being

Young was once, this Human-Being
Born of a race, placed, at the top of the chain
Unlike animals, they take shelter from the elements
Their flesh too soft under the Suns burning heat
Their bones clatter and shatter in the dead of winters night
When it rains, under domes they run for cover

Young was once, this Human-Being
A playful soul, full of life that contained piss and vinegar
Oh, fucked up they did and did it well
But they also showed respect by answering the bell
They learned the facts of this fucking life
While they grow-up

Young was once, this Human-Being
They forgot as time went on about promises
Best friends forever, what did they say? BFF!
To have, to hold, to cherish until death do us
Some failed at keeping promises

Young was once, this Human-Being
It’s heart can beat with a crimson heat
It can love and laugh at what life has to offer
It’s heart bleeds when faced with sadness
It can show the mercy of compassion
By its very own will to live with passion

Young was once, this Human-Being
The years they pass, time moves on
That fucking cycle, this thing called life
If they all lived with love
Now wouldn’t that be a better place


4 thoughts on “This Human-Being

  1. If only … Isn’t it amazing how some people that have been hit hardest in life have the greatest capacity for compassion and love???? ❀

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