Touch The Sky

With outstretched arms, sorrow creeps
Below a sky of blue, her heart weeps
On memories that haunt, where silence sweeps
A once upon at time, her babe in arms sleeps

Cherub smiles, drawing mothers sighs
Tender is her child’s breath, that grasps her eyes
Held to bosom, beating with a rise
A gift of life, from birth her death spies

The unanswered prayers of how and why
All the tears that flows, in a painful cry
Forget-Me-Not, that blooms the clouds up high
Reaching for her little angel heart, to Touch The Sky



For all the Mom’s and Dad’s who have lost a child – Forget-Me-Not

8 thoughts on “Touch The Sky

  1. Feel like you reached into my soul or something- I was literally here missing Isabelle. Ive been so sad missing her lately. I don’t know what to say. You are true- you really are.

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