Hand Off in the Tub

WetBliss…Wet and Blissful

Wet Bliss


Rose petals sprinkled path
Leading to a scented bath
Candlelight flickering flames
Room for two just the same

Strawberry peaks out of suds
Reclining back waiting in tub
Heated eyes meet and greet
Wet hand offered to receive

Smooth, softness embraced
Expressions of lust displayed
Lips licked and gently traced
Sipping in to intimate space

Sitting on edge with legs spread
Hand placed to guide her head
Other splays hot, steaming folds
Stimulated clit hardens and grows

Hands roam over slippery thighs
Pushing them apart ever wide
Soft lips and probing fingertips
Incite dancing hips to leaking slit

Body stretched, rigid glass vibe
Slides deep inside, pleasures cry
Tongue circles, flicks and bathes
Continuous flow of blissful waves

Hand off in the tub with a dare
After all, toys are meant to be shared…

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