The Bunny

Oh, what I would have given, so many years ago…

Temptation luring from the fury tail of, The Bunny
Shapely legs, slightly meaty, girls from the 50’s
Classic makeup applied to impress the features
Of a face with lines that eagerly entice, invite
Men with wallets who can pay the tab with the house
The well to do, some of the men with families too
The Club was not for anyone
It was for those who get it done
Living on the edge, at a time, when sex was whispered
Not afraid to stand up against the censors
Those God fearing creatures who think sex isn’t love
Exposing the flesh for all to see was a no no
They didn’t want you to see, what you see everyday
In Yourself!
Tits, ass and a hoochie-coochie on her
Tongue, hands and a mambo-jambo on him
A two piece puzzle that goes together perfectly well
Whatever happened to The Club?
Sadly still
Whatever happened to The Bunny?


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