disney inspired

The way she looks, does not make a sinner

The way she looks to you, does

Cloaked in robes adorned by gold sewn threads

Taking from the masses, tokens for your preachings

Same sex love is not love so says the house of God

While pastors in countryside pastures are ignored

Molesting the flock under his care

Sparkle, it does, the gold castle in The Vatican City

Those creative artists that draw in messages

It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words

Weaving through the mind in a spiral ride

Everything in my head gets tangled

And I think of the one thing high on my mind

Her dashing hero

A fumbling fool when in love

Brave if the time comes

To the end he will protect and honor

He will cherish her in memory of his mother

But as his wife and lover

I would have paid more attention

If the lessons were more exciting

ABC’s and 123’s all about the math

I would have paid more attention

If a smile was really a smile

And not an excuse to cover up sadness

I would have paid more attention

If Disney dressed up the ladies

In, Victoria Secrets

The dog is the most loyal creature on the planet

By your side day and night

Loves, condonitionally

Sharing food is the only condition


Get your own, bitch

My belle, my sweet, my angel, treat

My song, my part, my angel, heart

My breath, my words, my angel, hers



Stop This

If I were a prince with a choice

I would start at the left and work to the right

Look into their eyes one by one and memorize

The moment, lightning strikes

Small gestures mean a lot

Show her the stars, to pick one

Name it, for you both

Where ever you are that’s the point of your heart

When you’re both apart

Fucking right.

Swing that fucking ax

Just one thing.

Never lie

To spite your own nose to save face

He would have been pleased

His words taken literally

So too, his name

Hans Christian Andersen

hi gang…hope you’re all well ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›

Disney images taken from internet various sources.

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